Green production

green.jpgGryfskand's production process is unique in many ways. For one, Gryfskand don't use any fossil fuels in the production process, since the production of charcoal is exothermic. FSC®(FSC-C011554)-certified wood is a renewable energy source, and over the years Gryfskand has learned how to use this energy effectively. The manufacturing of charcoal is a closed natural cycle where the distillation of charcoal produces gases which are then mixed with oxygen for combustion. The gases are combusted in a chamber and transformed into energy. Gryfskand has developed a deep understanding of energy and we use the transformed energy for various purposes, such as the power for our offices and buildings, briquette production, hot water for our facilities, electricity for heating, etc. Gryfskand also supplies neighboring businesses with energy, thus reducing the total amount of fossil fuels used.