Food products

Many products, such as edible oils, sugar, alcohol, beverages and other edible products are refined with activated carbon. The activated carbon is used for decolourization, taste and odor removal and other important procedures. Organic and non-organic acids e.g. adipic, lactic, citric, and phosphoric acid are often decolourized with activated carbon to change the colour and improve the visual appearance. Gryfskand has a wide range of products and refine a broad product group. Examples of the use of activated carbon include changing the colour of sugar to white, removing caffeine from coffee, decolourizing edible oils and removing colloidal material from alcohol.

Gryfskand's main food products are:

• AKPA-22
• CWH-22
• CWH-30
• CWZ-14 1-4MM

• CWZ-22 1-4MM
• CWZ-22
• CWZ-30



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