Water treatment


The Earth has a shortage of fresh water supply even though 75 percent of the earth surface consists of water. Only a fraction is drinkable and the fresh water is stored in aquifers, surface waters and the atmosphere. Around 1 billion people have poorly access to pure drinking water and up to 80 percent of all human diseases originate from water born diseases. 

Gryfskand has a long tradition in water treatment and purify many of Europe's major cities. Gryfskand's primary product is WG-12 and is intended for drinking water conditioning and can be used in large waterworks as well as in small filter and container installations. Due to the specific surface and good developed pore structure WG-12 removes organic contaminations, pesticides, detergents and health hazardous micro pollutions. It is also used for water dechlorination, taste and odor treatment.

Gryfskand's main water treatment products are:

  • WG-12
  • AKAPA-22
  • CWZ -22
  • CWZ-30
  • WD- extra
  • WG-12
  • DT0
  • DTX
  • AG-5

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